Selling assets to my company

I am selling my publishing company the right to publish books I have written and have the debt appear in the Director’s Loan Account - how would I achieve that?

Does that mean company can public book sand not pay your any Royalty and keep all income from selling books?

If I understand your question (which is not entirely clear I’m afraid), it doesn’t matter but to answer the question. Yes, the company sells the books, but it only keeps all the income up to the point it matches how much I charged it. If it exceeds that value then I get my cut.

But the question is how do I represent the original transaction in QF. I (personally) invoice the company which creates the debt, how do I move that debt to the DLA? Is it just a journal thing? Or something else.

Best is create yourself as suppliers just like other writers company have in publishing business and record transactions as normal, DLA is primarily for recording expenses incurred on behalf of company, loan to company etc. If it is normal trade activity its best to create separate suppliers in your own name as it would be required in related party note while doing statutory accounts

Generic expenses paid for company can be booked as journal entry
Dr Relevant expenditure a/c
Cr Director loan a/c