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Send and View Customer Invoice

I send customer invoices by email, using the ‘Send’ > ‘Send Invoice by email’ option.
I have one customer who’s email address we have entered incorrectly ( a minor typo omitting a ‘dot’ from the address, eg fred.99@example.com > fred99@example.com). It seems likely this faulty address is, however, still a valid email address.
On receipt of the emails that recipient (fred99), a complete stranger, has followed the link in the sent emails.
Now, I assumed, incorrectly, the link would take them to their login page and they would need a password to proceed. But apparently not the link opens the invoice directly, and the stranger has viewed my clients invoice. Even worse, my history shows that my client has seen it, and I went on to proceed with the various ‘late’ payment steps, when the invoice was ignored.
Is there some way this behavior can averted.

Hi @rfflower

I think there are 2 parts of your query here, so I’ll answer them in turn.

When you update the email address for a client contact, you would see an option to “revoke access” for previously sent emails. This would invalidate any emails you sent to the incorrect email address:

By default, yes the link opens the invoice/estimate/statement (depending on what you send), with no prompt to log in. The link would be unique to that client, contact and document.

You can edit the client and force the client to login:

I hope this helps!

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