Send invoice as a PDF attachment

Is there a way for me to send my invoices as PDF attachments, rather than as a link to the web view? I couldn’t see anything obvious.

This is switched on at a client level, see here:

How send an invoice as a PDF attachment

Perfect thanks for that

Just been playing with this - I’d love to be able to set it as a system wide option, I just know I’m going to forget to tick that box at some point! No idea if that’s easy/doable though.

Essentially, I only want to send invoices as PDF attachments, not the web view at all (have customised the email template already).

I’m afraid we won’t be adding this as a system-wide option. There are many good reasons not to use PDF attachments and this feature was only ever added as a convenience for those end-user clients who insisted on having their invoices in PDF.

The web based invoice takes one click to view and can be tracked, it will also work seamlessly on any desktop or mobile device. Clients can still download a PDF version from the web preview.

Fair enough, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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