Send invoices to multiple recipient BY DEFAULT


We are regularly asked by clients to have invoices emailed to multiple addresses (eg. client + accountant or book-keeper) however I cannot figure out a way to set this up so that it happens by default for a client. Thus, when sending invoices in bulk, it’s only the primary contact that will receive the invoice unless I manually go into the invoice that requires multiple addresses and select the additional recipients (which also requires me to remember which clients want multiple recipients).

Ideally I’d like invoices to be sent to a primary and a secondary contact for some clients…something like an additional option box for “Include secondary contact on all invoicing and statements: Tick”?


That would be of value to us too.

I’ve updated this to a feature request for now, we will monitor this thread for any further comments & up-votes.

I too would like to simultaneously email invoices to clients and their accountants.

I also need to be able to do this.

Did this happen as I’m trying to set this up now too.

Did this happen as I’m trying to do this now. Thanks

Hello @chrisangell

This hasn’t been implemented, but your interest in this feature has been noted. We’ll let you know here if there are any updates.

This would be great.


would love this feature!

This would be very useful for me too.

I would love that too.

@TreasurerEPC, @cedev,

If you would like to Vote for this then at the top of the thread you should see a blue vote button - click this to add your vote to the topic :slight_smile:

Are there any updates regarding this topic? I just cast my vote and looking forward to have this feature within Quickfile.