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Send letters (email)


I tried a test send letter to one of my email addresses.
Composed the email letter,
Clicked preview and send,
Got the preview, then another invitation to compose email letter or snail mail letter.
Seems strange I have to compose twice and enter email twice. Not very time saving?
Expect there is a quicker way, but for purposes of feedback, as a new user this is not what I was expecting.
Also, I was given opportunity to sign signature. Impossible to achieve neatly with a mouse or trackpad but it would have been nice to have opportunity to upload an image file of signature.


Hello @alantc

With the signature, these are stored against the team member. You can upload an image by going to Account Settings >> Team Management and upload a signature there if you wish. We’ll then use this on your letters.

Regarding the email address - I think there may be a bit of confusion here, but I’ll certainly try to help clarify this for you. Where have you entered the email address initially (when creating the letter)?

Hope that helps!


Thank you Matthew,
a) great, thanks.
b) yes, indeed, when creating the letter, I guess that was wrong.

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