Send remittance advice email from bank tagging

Just wanted to add my support for adding an automatic or opt in/out sending of remittance advice when logging payments through bank tagging. New to quickfile and love the fact I can import my bank statements and monitor payments directly but would like to send my clients receipts at the same time as paying off the invoices. This feature was previously muted on this thread Print supplier payment - remittance advice


The other thread was related to printing remittance advice slips (at least that’s how the discussion started), which has since been implemented and closed. We try to keep distinct feature requests on their own thread, it makes it easier for other users to find and for us to track popularity.

We could add a tick box when tagging invoices from the bank, however the actual message wouldn’t be editable as it is when manually logging a payment to an invoice. I’ll keep this thread open for other users to comment and add their vote, if it get’s sufficient backing we’ll look at implementing this feature.

Tick box would be great though would also be happy for it to be set on or off to send automatically somewhere in settings. I personally wouldn’t need to edit the response as happy to set up a default one and use that every time.

i agree this feature would also be very useful, but also i do agree that a blanket option “on/off” would be much better as there is already enough things to click in tagging, and clicking a checkbox for each transaction would add an extra step that shouldn’t be needed or adding the blanket option along side so users have the choice.

i do see a few issues though:

what happens if you by accident tag the payment to the wrong invoice and have to untag, yet the email has already gone, would the customer get another email informing them of the error ?

also how would this work with bulk tagging ? (if it did, it would probably need to be limited in some way)

would this work for both clients and suppliers ?

Most likely not, it just makes everything 10x more complex. However I would imagine any remittance advice checkbox would be unselected by default thus reducing the likelihood of error.

Also we’d need to add this to the matching option too (i.e. where issued invoices appear to link payments to). This would require a whole rethink in terms of the UI, i.e. more pops or slideout panels. It does get pretty complicated :smile:

I don’t think it would, we don’t have an email template for multiple payments on one remittance advice so the only option would be to send multiple emails which doesn’t make sense and is even more prone to errors.

a check box next to the item in matching perhaps ?

as asked above would the remittance option work for both clients and suppliers when applying payments to invoices and customer purchases alike ?

When we have more time to review this we’ll look at some options. We would also incorporate this functionality for both client and supplier payments.

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Great idea. Especially if you have completed a large payment run then it’s easy to mark them as paid and send out the remittance.

This feature was actually implemented over a week ago although there were two similar threads and it looks like I missed this one. You can find more details here:

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