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Send to Invoices and Statements to someone other than the client

There have been many occasions when I have needed to send invoices and statements to email addresses other than the client. Instead I have to export and send them through my own email client which is time consuming.

Hi @Antony_Nicholas

Thank you for your suggestion.

Is it possible to give us a use-case of this type of scenario (e.g. who would you be sending them to)?

When you say export, do you mean save as PDF, attach to email etc? There are a few ways of streamlining this but the easiest thing to do is copy the link in the ‘send’ options in to the mail client so you don’t have to export anything at all.

Sending a link will give the person full client access. If that is OK then you could simply add them to the client’s list of contacts and send the invoice normally.

If you enable PDF invoices in the client details you could simply add any regular addresses to the client contacts. To send the invoice or statement just tick the PDF attachement box and edit the email to remove the tokens that link to the account.