Sending a group message to all my clients that i will sellect manually

Hey guys,
How are you in those crazy times?
My biz was put on hold for a bit but things are picking up slowly so am happy as can be :slight_smile:
I’d like to contact all my current clients that we can start coming to their homes and clean if they wish, but do this manually one by one would take ages, so I was hoping for a feature in quickfile that I can write one message and send to all of them, but only the once I would select manually as not all of the clients I have in the software are my current clients.

Thank you so much for your help

There are some feature requests for this sort of thing if you search the forum that you could add your vote to, although they are more for 3rd party mail list integrations but essentially the same thing.

I think that QF are wary about this because of GDPR implications and the risk of ending up on a spam blacklist. You should be able to extract the addresses by backing up your account but this does take a while to run. (I was going to test this before replying but got bored waiting)

Most email clients have a mail-merge facility which will allow you to send the same message to multiple recipients however your email provider may put a limit on the number of messages that you send in one go.