Sending batch Overdue reminders

Is there any way to send multiple Reminder emails for overdue payments? I thought I could highlight the clients I wanted to remind and click Send but there is then no option to choose what to send. At the moment I’m sending each email separately, which is time consuming.

When you have overdue invoices with the credit control feature switched on you will see a warning in the top left of your dashboard that will highlight the number of overdue invoices.

If you click this button you will see a list of invoices and you will be able to send all reminders at once.

The alternative is to switch on “Auto-Send Reminders” in your credit control settings.

OK. A little bit of confusion at my end. I’m aware of the credit control feature but don’t use that when I want to send out reminders. I click on Monthly Balance on my Dashboard. This brings up the invoices for the particular month I am chasing instead of all overdue accounts. If I then select a couple of invoices and click on Send Select it will then bring up a screen showing those invoices, with a Send button beneath. So to clarify, if I press Send, will I then get the option of what type of email I wish to send, ie 1st Reminder, 2nd reminder etc, or will it just send the invoice as if for the first time?

The reminder templates we have are intended to be sent at intervals only when the invoice is overdue. They can’t be sent prior to this and wouldn’t really be applicable as they specifically state that the invoice in question is overdue by x number of days.

The send in bulk option will just use the standard email template. If you’re looking to send reminders pre-due date, I’m afraid there is no template available to achieve this. It may be better to actually just send a statement of account to the client, you can even trigger these to go out on a recurring schedule say mid-month, this is a popular way to gently remind a client of any outstanding balance on their account.