Sending letters to more than one recipient

Hi all,
Today when sending a letter i noticed that you can only send the letter to one recipient, thats the original contact set up for the client, there’s no option to include others or CC them.

Is there a possibility of adding this?


Are you referring to sending by email? It’s possible we could add a BCC field to include additional email addresses. I don’t know how complicated that would be but we can certainly consider this.

Hi Glenn,
I went to My Letters>Create New> entered client name, some areas are already poulated>Preview & Send>Send>Send by email

The letter i sent had to go to the second contact in the clients area so i manually had to enter that, if you could get it to have the same options as when you’re sending an invoice that would be good. Previously i have sent an the same letter by email to 4 different people manually because they were all involved in the project.

So really any option where you can add extra recipients or maybe have a checkbox list of every email address that i have stored in quickfile database, that way you could click a dropdown where you could select every address you want it to go to.

The latter may be better but a lot more work to implement :smile:


I think we’d need to do this a little differently to how it works with sending invoices. This is because letters aren’t just restricted to clients, they also work with suppliers or generic email addresses. Suppliers don’t have the same model of contact records so it wouldn’t quite work.

I think a simple solution would be to support multi-email address entry separated by semicolons. Something like this:;;

Just to jump on this, it would be beneficial to select all clients, or the whole address book. An example of this could be moving address and having the flexibility to send to the client via letter but also store it within the clients area

We want to avoid the realm of mass-mailing as it’s a little beyond the scope of QuickFile. We are however interested in integrating QuickFile with an application like MailChimp or Sendy.

There are too many considerations to take on this role natively within QuickFile, namely protecting our mail servers from spam. We are however keen to expand the letter send functionality to include up to 5-10 additional recipients.

What about something within the messages section like they have in banks which they have to accept that they have read to continue?

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean here, can you expand on this.

I’m assuming he possibly means that when you log in to your account you sometimes get a message with hwatever news they have and you click to read more?

I agree that mass mailing should be left to another system as we sometimes have issues with mail sent with the quickfile smpt greeting banner being sent to trash, i use my own server for the mail to try to ensure all my clients get their mail in the inbox, adding mass emailing to your system would result in many more rejections or blackhole recipients.

That’s a good idea! @securecare if you post this under a new topic as a “Feature” we’ll track that for you.

Yes any large scale mailing through our own SMTP server will likely get us flagged and thus disrupt regular mail.

I can confirm that this feature has now been implemented. You can now email a letter to a maximum of 6 recipients using a semicolon separated list of email addresses.

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Thanks Glenn, that goes a long way towards what i needed :slight_smile:

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