Sending 'New Invoice Raised' email to multiple client contacts using different templates


We would like to send a ‘New Invoice Raised’ email to TWO client contacts simultaneously. However, we would like each of the emails to use a different template.

What we are really trying to do is send both an email and an SMS message to a client on a new invoice being raised. We intend to use an email to SMS service hence the email to the second client contact (for the SMS) will require a different message template.

Is this possible?

Hi @samppatel

I’m afraid this isn’t possible directly.

If you were to send one email to the email contact, and then change it before sending it to the second contact, this would still use all the header and styling from the email (like company name etc.).

Unless the SMS side of things strips this out, I can’t say there would be a solution, other than using the API and building something custom.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

After a recurring invoice is auto-generated by QuickFile - is it possible to automatically send a ‘New Invoice Raised’ email to multiple clients (using the same template NOT different templates)?

If so, will this also work for recurring invoices generated via the API?

Yes, that’s possible. When you preview a recurring invoice, there’s an option on the template itself:

I don’t believe so, but I will double check with my colleagues and come back to you shortly. I know it’s not possible with individual invoices (Invoice_Send goes to the main contact), but there may be a way of doing it with the recurring templates.

Just to confirm with the last point - this isn’t possible present, but if you’d like to raise a new feature request (just create a thread in that category), we’ll monitor the interest in this - it’s certainly something we could look at.

Hi - Just to clarify:

  1. When a recurring invoice is created manually in QF and multiple clients have been ticked to receive the invoice emails,the next due recurring invoice and all future recurring invoices will be emailed to all the client contacts selected?

  2. It is not possible to create a recurring invoice via the API and also set one or more client contacts to auto email the invoice to?

  3. To send/email a recurring invoice created via the the API, the Invoice_Send method would need to be used but this only allows to set the option to email the invoice (which would then be sent to the main client contact only)?

  4. If the Invoice_Send method is used to set the send invoice option, will the invoice be sent for all future recurring invoices to the main client contact?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

That’s correct.

Creating the recurring invoice is possible, but setting the clients isn’t. But as I mentioned above, you’re welcome to start a feature request topic for this.

That’s not correct. The Invoice_Create method would create the recurring invoice. There’s a attribute for SendByEmail, which selects the default contact, and ActivateOnCreation, which would trigger the recurring invoice to create the invoice and send the first one within a few minutes (there is a short delay on this).

The Invoice_Send function is only for selected invoices, and doesn’t apply to recurring invoices.

Many thanks for clarifying.

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