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Separate VAT from bulk sales income


Our EPOS system hits our statement every day without fail. I tag the entries on the statement to a nominal code within the sales range. Unfortunatly, these amounts do not show VAT. I have the VAT amounts, but I am struggling to journal these amounts so they are included in the VAT return figures. Please advise.


Hi @Danny

Do you know the VAT amount, gross amount, net amount, or none of these?

Would it show, for example, £100 (inc 20% VAT)?


All of these.
Although the amount taken hits the account in one lump, EPOS will print us a report showing full breakdown.


Ok great!

In that case, you would just create a sales invoice to account for it, and include a new line for each VAT amount, similar to the below:


Or alternatively, if you know the VAT total, you may find our daily sales tool helpful:


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