Set domain for receipts to be emailed from

I’m not sure if this is possible at the moment, but can we set an entire domain e.g. all email addresses ending "" for receipts to be forwarded from, rather than just 5 email addresses?

How would that work with the likes of,, etc. Not really sure how we can safely handle that?

That’s a good point. I was thinking of a business situation where the domain is only used by people in the same company, but if someone put in to upload anything sent from a gmail address, that could completely break the system.

It would be useful, but very hard to implement.

I was wondering about this as well as I have a few suppliers who send me invoices as attachments to a dedicated address so I can just direct them straight to Quick File instead of having to manually forward them on.

I suppose a reasonably simple workaround in my case is to set say on my mailserver to forward mail to but modify the from address on the way through so all I need to put into Quick File is