Setting up Bank feeds


Is there any other way how to connect QuickFile with client’s bank instead of needing to log in into his online banking from my PC? This is very annoying. As client would not give me his bank logins. And also he is not sitting next to me, so he can not do it. Also I do not know how would I explain to him how to do it if I will give him QuickFile logins. This is really frustrating.

The owner of the bank account has to be the one to make the link - this is the entire point of the Open Banking initiative, to allow you the account holder to grant third parties access to your bank data without giving the third party your actual login credentials.

You will have to give the client a login on QuickFile and instructions on how to make the connection. You could send them a link directly to the Open Banking page within the QuickFile account and all they have to do is + Connect a bank, select their bank logo and follow the instructions. Once they have granted the consent you can then associate the feed with the right bank account in QuickFile.

They will have to log in to QuickFile once every 90 days to renew the consent, this is a requirement of the Open Banking system and can’t be bypassed.

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If your client isnt willing to set up a bank feed. Then get them to send you downloaded csv bank statements and upload them directly.

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