Setting up new client (Setting up a stand alone account vs an Affinity Account)

HI, As a part time bookkeeper and having had to give up my QBs desktop i am thinking of changing one of my clients to QuickFile. I’ve not used Quiickfile before so I wanted to know about setting them up. Would it be best if I do it with my email or rather they do it with their email?
If I add the bank feed and omit any adverts how does the client pay for that if I set them up?
Does it do the Domestic Reverse VAT charge for contractors?
Many thanks in advance.

As a bookkeeper, you set up an affinity account and create their account through that, you charge them the same way as you would before, by invoicing them directly, your payment is seperate from quickfile charging you for the service.

So use your email in affinity, but you can add their email to the users who have access if you wish.

If you add a bank feed, you will be charged for the service, and will need to factor that cost in with your own invoicing.

Yes quickfile handles DRC

Hi Paul,
Many thanks that’s a great help.
KInd regards.

So do i set up a Limited Company profile then add them to Affinity? Thanks

Hi @Muriel66

You can either set up your clients account through Affinity or set it up separately and then link to Affinity afterwards

OK thanks, Would I add my own accounts to Affinity as well or would it be just for my clients?

You open an account for yourself (for your own business) as you would do for your clients and then link the account to your affinity account, if you want. You can also create the account for your own books from your affinity account. But I would create it separately and link it to your affinity when/if needed.

OK that makes things a little clearer. Many thanks.

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