Setting up Quick File with a few different trading entities


Ive been thinking of signing up to quickfile for a while and using it.

I currently have an excel spreadsheet with a few different tabs.

I have a LTD company which does building work for domestic customers.
I own rental properties in my own personal name which i rent out to tenants.
I buy and renovate properties and either sell them or rent them out.

I have an accountant and i just had over the excel spreadsheet with all my receipts etc when needed at the end of the year.

Im now far too busy to keep ontop of this and somebody is going to do my day to day book keeping and data input for my receipts etc.

At the moment i can easily swap receipts from one tab on my excel spreadsheet to another if its in the wrong place. If i put a purchase in in LTD company tab but then realise its meant to be a cost in my Rentals tab i can just cut and paste it from one to the other very easily.

so here are my few questions before i sign up.

  1. If i was to use quickfile, would i have to have 2 (or maybe 3) separate account logins?
    one for my ltd company and one for my rentals?

  2. if i did have to have 2 logins, is it easy enough to ‘export’ a number of entries from one login and ‘import’ them into the other login?
    as an example, if i put an invoice for some new kitchen worktops into my ltd company accounts, but then realised that they should be in my rental account, how do i go about removing them from one and putting them in the other?
    can i do this in one go for multiple entries or would i have to manually delete and then re input each one - one by one?

  3. can somebody recommend how to actually structure and separate the accounts using quickfile before i set it up and start using it?

thanks for your help

Yes, if you were trading under a number of different names, or trading vehicles (e.g. sole trader, limited company etc), you would need an account for each. Our Affinity product is designed for this purpose, with Affinity you can have one login and manage multiple accounts.

You can export invoices on a CSV and then import them into the second account. It’s not quite a seamless procedure but it’s certainly possible.

We have a setup package here. You can access this from your dashboard by going into Help >> Additional Services. We will then setup your account and recommend a structure for you. This is on a per account basis. You can also pitch your questions here and other users may be able to provide additional guidance for you.

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