Setting up SMTP for Microsoft365 with MFA

My organisation is using Microsoft365 with MFA for our email platform and I am trying to set up the SMTP functionality within QuickFile and have found several previous how-to’s on configuring Microsoft365.

Unfortunately, none of the previous solutions seem to work with MFA enabled in Microsoft365.

Has anybody successfully configured SMTP in QuickFile to work with multifactor authentication (MFA) and Microsoft365? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried to setup a app password?

I have tried app password but, unfortunately, that option is no longer available with modern authentication.

The app password is still available but a bit more hidden. Also, are you the admin of the 365 account? The admin has to enable this option first before it can be setup

Thanks for the link.

I do have access as system admin for our Microsoft365 tenant but the MFA in the article is the older multifactor authentication.

We’ve got that turned off and we have a security policy applying modern authentication instead. Hence, no opportunity to create an app password.

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