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Setting up Worldpay Callbacks

Once you have entered your Worldpay credentials in the Payment Options area in QuickFile, you may want to enable server callbacks within Worldpay. This means that when a payment is successfully authorised by Worldpay they will send the relevant information back to your QuickFile account so that the invoice can be marked as paid.

To enable this option you will first need to log into your Worldpay account.

In the left hand menu click on the Installations link, or on some accounts this appears as Setup.

Click to edit the production integration.

Now ensure that the following settings are applied, just enter your website and email address in the highlighted areas.

Save your changes.

Once activated Worldpay will then send back payment response information to QuickFile and your invoices will automatically be marked as paid.

As payments will be automatically assigned to invoices it is important to check your Worldpay settings in QuickFile to ensure that any payments are deposited to the correct bank account.

Account Settings >> Manage Payment Options

Check the depositing bank account here.

That’s it for now, if you get stuck setting up Worldpay please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you so much. This is awesome! I’m almost there. I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to put into the payment response URL so that it checks it off in quick file?
Because I don’t want an email do I? I want you to automatically do it in quick file

The following should work.

<WPDISPLAY ITEM="MC_callback" EMPTY="https://www.mywebsite.com">

This will then pickup the URL we supply to Worldpay when initiating the payment. You just need to change the EMPTY value to your website or any existing e-commerce response URL you may be using (this is used as a fallback).

I’m sorry to seem so dumb, so i put in -

How will the snow to connect back to my quick file though?

so the EMPTY is my own website, and the ‘www.mywebsite.com’ stays as is?

Hi @family

Are you using Worldpay online anywhere else, like your own e-commerce site?

No matthew, just through QuickFile only

It won’t matter what you enter there then. This is the URL where the customer is redirected after making payment. I would simply enter your homepage address, whenever a payment is initiated from QuickFile we will override this anyway.

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It is still not updating as paid in QuickFile!

Hi @family

Is this for a new payment made since you’ve updated the settings?