Shared Reference when tagging bank entries

When tagging bank entries and selecting ‘Something else not on this list’, next to the ‘Description’ field there is a checkbox ‘Shared Reference’.

I can’t work out what the implications of ticking or not ticking this box are?
(I also haven’t been able to find any mention of it in the docs.)

Please could somebody let me know what this option does.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @davemidd

The ‘shared reference’ only comes into play when you select the “split transaction” button (available for Power User accounts).

If you split the transaction between 2 nominals for example, with ‘Shared Reference’ ticked, the reference will be the same for both nominal entries. If ‘Shared Reference’ is unticked, then you can enter individual descriptions for each nominal.

For example, if I had £50 I wanted to split between two nominals, I could do this:

You can see, with ‘Shared Reference’ on, the same reference is used for both entries. If I untick the shared reference box however, I am free to amend each row individually:

However, I appreciate this isn’t clear and will see if we can add this in somewhere.

What a fantastically clear and concise answer.
Many thanks.
Have a virtual :beer: on me!

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