Shoebox of Receipts!

Is there any way for you to help us with a shoebox full of receipts that need to be digitised? We need to get these receipts into the QF system before we start using the App for new receipts.

It’s not a service that we provide any longer, it is something that we did offer several years ago. If you like I can put you in touch with the scanning company we used previously?

They will be able to digitise all your receipts, zip them up and email them back to you. You could then use Dropbox to stream them into QF without uploading one-by-one.

Thanks for reply. Yes, please can you put me in touch with the scanning company so I can get an idea of costs etc.

Are there too man y to use the iPhone app?

You could use the iPhone app or CamScanner if you’re not dealing with large numbers.

Here are the scanning firms we’ve used in the past. Datarstor Ltd should be a good option.

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