Show All Invoices Screen


Could you please modify the ‘Show all Invoices’ page.

If you could alter so that the Invoice Name column is wider than the Client Name that would be great.

Could you please change the style for the page ‘Show all Invoices’, could you make the Invoice name wider than the Client Name. If you can swop the widths as they are - that would be great.

We have two accounts 6131501761 & 6131536610

If I could also ask that the general colour scheme on one of the accounts be changed to make it more obvious which one I am working on that would be great. No preferences on what colour and which to change.

Also last year you made a change to the delivery note layout on account 6131501761 could you please make the same change to 6131536610

Thank you for your help

Obviously this is not urgent but would be nice.

Thanks Pat

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