Show daily sales and purchase invoices

We already show monthly sales and purchase invoice totals in the client and supplier details screens. We also show total aggregate sales and purchases across all clients and suppliers on the dashboard. To query the detail behind these totals you can follow the links to reveal the underlying invoices.

But what about isolating invoices for a particular day or custom date range? To do this you need to use the advanced search box within the invoice and purchase management areas. First click the sales or purchases header menu to get into the sales and purchase ledgers

Now click the “Advanced Search” button to reveal a series of filtering options. From here you can set a custom date range, amount, status, description along with a bunch of other parameters.

The totals for any customised search will appear in the top right hand corner. You can also download any data view to CSV spreadsheet format so you can open in Excel, Open Office or any other popular spreadsheet application.

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