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Show dd collection date on invoice

I’ve set up GoCardless and added mandates to clients. If I generate an invoice and collect it by DD that all works. I’d like to add a note on the invoice that it will be collected by dd and the date. I know the date will be the due date but I’d like the current message to be more specific

you could use the Payment Terms or Additional Notes and write something like: The invoiced amount will be collected by Direct Debit on the date shown above in the due section" or so.

Thats right I’d thought of that.
More information about what I’m doing here. At the start of each month we run a billing cycle on our in house system. This calculates call costs and service costs for each customer…there’s about 560. It then generates an invoice and billing report, sets up a direct debit with Gocardless.
I’m changing accounting software and QF is by far the best because of the API.
I hadn’t seen that we could set Payment Terms or Additional Notes programatically but I can so that seems the best way forward. Thanks for prompting me to look deeper :slight_smile:

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