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Show Direct Debit "Charge At" Date within QuickFile


Hi there,

I very much love the integration with GoCardless! However, I have noticed that the incorrect date is showing at the top of the Customer Invoice. I have attached images which will hopefully be alot clearer than my explanation here.

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We show the date the Direct Debit is initiated, in this case 9th of March, this is when we send the request to GoCardless. There is however a 5-7 day delay from when GoCardless receive the request to when the payment is remitted to your bank, these steps are detailed on the GoCardless control panel (your first screenshot).

The collection date is not something that is available to us directly and depends on when the request was made, e.g. on public holidays or weekends, on our side we will just show the the date the request for collection is made.

Hope that helps!



Hi Glenn,

Thank you for the speedy reply. I did see that message. Perhaps the wording should be changed above the invoice to reflect this. As I read it as that being the date that the Direct Debit will be claimed not the date that it was initiated.

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Yes I would concur, we’ll look at getting that updated in the next release.



Great, thank you Glenn! :smile:



You have a slight overlap on your logo? Do you want me to correct this for you?



Oh yes please, that has annoyed me since I upladed it, but wasn’t sure how to easily correct this. :blush:



OK no problem…that’s updated!



Thank you so very much!! :smiley:

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I emailed GoCardless to see if they were able to provide the functionality for us to be able to see the correct charge date for direct debits within QuickFile. Their reply is here (hope it helps):

Hi Markus,

Thanks for emailing GoCardless.

It is actually possible to grab this information through our API (though it might have not been available when QuickFile built their integration with us, which could explain the confusion!)

Our developer docs at https://developer.gocardless.com/#retrieve-an-existing-bill show that there’s a charge_customer_at date available on bills, so they could be able to modify their system to take that value into account to show on the invoice. These things take time to add, but I’m sure it would be worth suggesting as that would help make the integration more seamless so you don’t have to double-check things with our dashboard too.

Kind regards,




@Glenn Is it possible to perhaps consider integrating the above in to the current integration with GoGardless?



We’ve made quite a few enhancements to our GoCardless integration of late, generally we prioritise those areas that get the most attention from users. These enhancements are quite involving to fully integrate and test so, if we can get some more support for this we’ll definitely have a look.

What I’ve done for now is converted this thread into a feature request and renamed the title, that should get the attentions of other users and provides us a way to track and update later should we be able to review further.


I’ve also emailed Jacob for a few technical clarifications on this.



Thank you very much @Glenn, I really think it will enhance an already great integration with GoCardless and an amazing product (QuickFile). I really appreciate your help as always to! Will definitely help to streamline direct debits within QuickFile :smiley:

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Hi @Glenn,

Were you able to make any further considerations towards integrating the collection date?

All the best,




Hi @dagayveggi

There was a change made to this so that the date entered was the date money would be collected from the clients bank account.

Does this help?