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I’ve recently registered for VAT and have a new code, which I’ve entered onto Quickfile. And I can see all new invoices can now show VAT amounts and details.

However, I need to create an invoice dated prior to the date I registered for VAT, so it would therefore not have any VAT on it. Whilst I’ve created the invoice, when I look at the invoice, it shows my VAT number on it even though there is zero VAT on it.

Is there a way I can produce an invoice that does not show the VAT number on it? Can I do it manually in some way?


You are using the old “contemporary invoice template” (ironically) which is due to be phased out in the coming months. This template has almost zero customisability. To show/hide the VAT number you will need to switch to the standard template, you will then have around 10 new templates you can choose from. You can switch in Sales >> Invoice Customisation.

To read more about the new invoice design tools take a look here:

Sneak preview: New invoice styles gallery

That works perfectly! Thanks for the help and keep up the great work with Quickfile!

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