Show invoice date on Supplier Payment / Remittance Advice

The remittance advice does not include essential information such as:

  • date of invoice
  • invoice amount
  • invoice number.

When paying suppliers who regularly have a large number of invoices with the same amount, it is very confusing to not know which invoices have been paid and which ones have not.

Is it possible to include this info?


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Hi @OvidiuS

The invoice amount and number are both shown on the payment screen. Here’s an example from my test account:

Reference being the invoice number
The amount being the amount allocated to that particular invoice

However, the date of the invoice isn’t on there. I’ll check this with a colleague though and see if this is possible.

I just wanted to let you know that we’ll have a look at this in a bit more detail and see if having the invoice date shown is feasible. We’ll update this topic once we’ve had a chance to have a look.

Thanks - this looks like what I need.

How do I go to be able to send a remittance advice to a suppliers with all payments made in one day or period? Which would be shown in a list like the shown above?

Hi @OvidiuS

To access the screen I showed above, you can access it in a number of ways:

  1. Go to an invoice and click the payment link at the top
  2. Go to Suppliers > View Payments, and select your payment
  3. Go to the supplier overview screen, select your supplier, and select View > All Payments

I hope that helps!

Though the “all payments” view only has the QFnnnnn reference numbers, not the supplier’s own reference.

If I go to an unpaid invoice then I have the “Log payment” button at the top.

If I go to a paid invoice I do not have a “Payment” link at the top…?

So I can’t really follow the steps. What am I missing?

Thank you

Apologies, I should have made that a bit clearer. On a paid invoice (sales and purchase), you can see a link at the top of the invoice itself, just below the buttons:

Thanks for clarification.
Sorry to be a pain, but I still don’t know what I need to do to get the list of payments made.

I know how to get to the list of the payments of a supplier, showing all payments made to that supplier. I select them and they show the date the invoice has been received (and QF reference, not invoice number)

What I do not know is how to send the selected list of payments to the supplier, showing payments made.

Hi @OvidiuS

If I got to an invoice that’s been paid, I can click this link at the top of the page. The pink arrow shows the link, the green arrow shows the supplier reference (just to show you where this appears)

Once that page has loaded, it shows me a list of invoices paid in that particular payment, complete with the supplier reference:

There isn’t a way to send it direct from there, but what you can do is download it (select ‘Print’), and email the PDF.

I hope that helps

Coming back to you regarding the invoice date. The first column (‘Date’) seems to show the allocation date at the moment. Would changing this to the invoice date be sufficient, rather than adding another column? The payment date is already shown in the box at the top of the screen

It sounds to me like what you’re asking for is a way to generate something you can send to a supplier saying “during this month I paid you £X on date A for invoice N, £Y on date B for invoices M and P, …”

As far as I know you can’t easily do this. You can generate the remittance advice slip as @QFMathew describes above for one single payment showing the supplier reference numbers of all the purchases it was attributed to, but not for all payments in a particular date range. You can get a list of payments made to a particular supplier via “purchases → view payments” and use the advanced search options to filter by supplier and by date, but that view only shows you the internal QuickFile reference numbers for the purchases, not the supplier’s reference.

It sounds to me like what you’re asking for is a way to generate
something you can send to a supplier saying “during this month I paid
you £X on date A for invoice N, £Y on date B for invoices M and P, …”

That is correct - ideally I would like to have that. However I could work with a workaround solution.

I went and did the “purchases->view payments” and did the advance search. That is the information that I could use, because it shows the date of the invoice. However there is no way I can send that or a selection of that to my suppliers. Even if I do export the data (which I would not want to as it’s more long winded) the exported data only shows payment date, not the invoice date. I wonder if that could be added at least?

I think all the information is there, it just needs a button to email the selected payments to the supplier (including invoice date at least, as without invoice date or invoice number the supplier won’t know what exactly has been paid).

I wonder if I am among the few ones needing this?

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We always change the allocation date to actual date of the invoice - so that we always have the date of invoice in the system. Otherwise we would not know date of invoice and invoice number unless we open the attachment (invoice/ receipt itself).

The odf option is cumbersome as we always pay invoice by invoice - not cumulative payments. So it would mean a lot of print - save - email activity.

Is there a way to create something with the data in the system that can be emailed automatically?

I believe that the “send email notification to supplier” is exactly what I want, if I at least could have the invoice date/ allocation date that would become really relevant to the supplier.

I understand that as invoice date is not actually taken in QF (as it creates its own QFxxxxxx reference) it may be more difficult, but at least the date and the amount (amount is already shown in the respective email, so just date is needed) would give the email the weight of real, useful information.

Not wanting to repeat myself, but basically the facility is already there, we just need the system to pick up the invoice/ allocation date.

Like in the facility of sending overdue payment reminders, where the system provides (very smartly I could add) the following info:

Additional Invoice Details

Invoice #: 473
Issue Date: 17/09/2015
Due Date: 01/10/2015
Total Amount: GBP xxx.xx

Can something similar be created by just adding invoice/ allocation date?

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I agree, on remittance advice the invoice date should appear next to the invoice reference not the payment date.

I think it would also be good to have the narrative column to show the invoice description if possible.

One more suggestion is why can’t I automatically send remittance advice when tagging a bank transaction to multiple invoices from a supplier in one go? I can send it automatically if it’s just one supplier invoice that’s being tagged but not multiple, this makes sending remittance advice to suppliers quite a laborious process.

Hi @LC_Hydraulics

Thank you for your comments - we’ll continue to monitor the interest in this thread.

Regarding the multiple payment query, you may wish to add your vote/comments to the separate thread for this:

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@QFMathew, thanks for the pointer! Will do…