Show invoice stamp (PAID, SENT) etc on the printed PDF version

Hi, Im not sure if this has been discussed before but, I usually have to send my customers a printed invoice. On the preview there is a paid stamp or overdue stamp depending on the situation. However when i print the stamp does not get printed. How can I enable these stamps to be printed? I require this especially for overdue invoices.

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Hi @mmu1990

If you go to Account Settings > Invoice Customisation, you’ll be able to change certain things of the invoice

Click on the box that says “{STATUS}”, and ensure that the box on the right hand side is unticked. This will hopefully then produce the Paid / Unpaid / Partially Paid stamp on the PDF for you.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Parker1090. Thanks for the quick response, but unfortunately this does not resolve the issue. As mentioed before the paid stamp appears when im generally viewing the invoice, however on the pdf/when i print the stamps do not appear

Actually, just tried this for myself, and mines the same… Maybe @Glenn would be more help!

Yes the stamp is only for the web-based invoice preview, it won’t actually appear on the printable PDF version. We can’t set the stamp to appear by default on the PDF invoice as it will not be desirable for many users. I will however leave this thread open and if others want the ability to set an option so the stamp always appears we will look into this further.

EDIT: The only reservation I have about having these stamps on the PDF output is that they are low resolution images and will appear pixelated on the final printed version. We can use special high res images for the PDFs but that just multiplies the size of the PDF document as a whole.

Just re-read the text for the tick box and notice it does actually say:

These images will never appear on printable PDF copies of your invoices.

Teach me to read things properly next time! :blush:

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Thanks for the reply @Glenn. I think that this would be a very good simple addition to the software.

Hi there, sorry to drag up an old thread but this appears to reference something I’ve been trying to achieve: specifically an ‘Overdue’ indicator for manually printed PDFs.

Keeping the filesize down is fantastic and much appreciated though I would question whether or not this needs to be done through images at all - obviously if you want to keep the skeumorphism (good word) then it would be the way to go but coloured text could serve the same purpose?

Thanks for your time,

I agree with @sworrubs just having it there as coloured text would be really useful whilst still keeping the file size down.

@mmu1990 we’ve just updated the invoice customisation area with an additional checkbox to show the invoice status stamps on the PDF documents.

Uncheck the highlighted option and the stamps will be visible on the PDF output. We do exclude DRAFT and SENT status, but all other stamps should be included.

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