Show Item, payment method and account at the same time

Hi, So my accounts aren’t balancing at the mo. If I click on the payment part of an invoice it will show me the payment method and account. I think I have put the wrong payment method or account on 1 or 2 invoices, hence it not balancing.
Rather than going on to sales, show invoice, then go on to payment for each individual invoice is there a way to do this for a lot of invoices all at once. Sales then using the drop down screen will show me the view payments but ideally I need away to see the “Item” off the invoice next to the “payment method” and “account” off the payment page view via the invoice page so I can quickly see where I have posted incorrectly.
Thank in advance,

Not in general, no, because the “item” is a property of each individual invoice line and the “account” and “payment method” are properties of the payment, and in general the link between the three parts is not straightforward one-to-one - each invoice can have several lines, one payment can split to pay off several invoices at once, one invoice can be settled with several part-payments.

If in your specific case it’s all nicely one to one then my best suggestion would be to use Excel or similar to construct something from the data in an account backup, by cross-referencing the invoice number across the three files Sales_Receipt.csv, Sales_Invoice.csv and Sales_Invoice_Items.csv.

Hi Ian, thank you for your message, I’ll try the Excel way.
Thanks once again,

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