Show nominal codes and description within project report and exports

I have 2 limited companies that buy, renovate and rent out properties. I have set up a project tag for each property so I can tag related transactions. I want to analyse further by the type of transaction (based on the account code) but can’t because nominal postings from the Project report don’t show up in exports.

For example - I would like to see and analyse my refurbishment, compliance and maintenance costs for each property. I could do that from to an extent from the Project P&L report but it doesn’t show asset transactions and with being a property business, a lot of my transactions are capital additions (e.g. new kitchens, roofs, etc). Working out property revaluations is also really hard as I need to manually split out any non-capital transactions from the project report.

I could do this if the nominal codes showed on data exports but they don’t. Ideally, they would show up as a separate column and (if possible) include the nominal code description.

This will help address some other feature requests such as splitting out and analysing labour and materials costs per project. It would also be helpful to any business that may have some capital expenditure within projects - for example restaurnat with 3 locations buying equipment for each location, a photographer that may be buying specialist tools for a client assignment / project, etc.

Thank you