Show PO reference on estimate/quote emails sent to clients


Is there a way of showing the customers PO / reference on the email template when sending an estimate and/or invoice ?

I see the tokens for other details like first name etc but nothing for PO/ref that we input for the customer and it will be good to show that on the email itself.

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You should be able to use the following token on your email template to include the purchase order reference:



This does not work, below is showing on a recent quote/estimate I sent out:-

" We have created a new quotation for your attention.

To view your quotation estimate or obtain a PDF copy please follow the link below:

Click here to view your estimate

Your PO/Ref: @PurchaseReference@

Additional Details "

It worked when I manually sent the email, as it previews the email body in the box before it goes out. How was that invoice sent?

Hi Glenn,

I saved @PurchaseReference@ on the estimate and invoice templates. I’ve only tried estimate so far but it didn’t put the reference in when I sent it. I cc’d myself in on the estimate to the client.

Did you add it directly to the message box when sending an invoice, as that won’t work. You need to update the actual template in Account Settings >> Routine Emails.

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I am updating email template as attached.

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Email Customisation.pdf (166.8 KB)

OK it seems it is only on invoices not estimates, it doesn’t appear on the list of valid tokens for the estimate template.

I don’t think this token was added that long ago. I will ask for it also to be extended to the estimate template too.

thank you, this will be very useful.

Hi Glenn,

Any luck with this yet please ?

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It’s still on our development planner. It should be a fairly quick fix, we’ll have a look today.

This will likely be released to the live system mid next week.

You can now use the @PurchaseReference@ token on your estimate emails. I can see that this has just gone live.

Any problems, let me know.

Hi Glenn,

Great, it works ! Thanks a lot.

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