Show profit available for distribution on Tax Summary

Hi Glenn

As i mentioned in the post related to tax summary, i am very pleased with the feature.

There was sort of similar feature request that i did few months ago:

The tax report covers most of the things that you will find in a detailed profit and loss account.
However, i feel there is one feature that is really needed is some sort of a report that would tell a company director how much profit is available for distribution. Technically i can’t suggest that you add this to the tax summary (as tax summary is purely to calculate tax), but this is the next step - if it is possible to somehow link the balance sitting in the dividend paid account, which then minus itself from the Net profit and estimate corporate tax due.

Something like this:

Net profit 500
Est Corporate tax -100
Profit after tax 400
Dividends paid -200
Profit available for distribution 200

Maybe you could add another report just below the tax summary to do the above calculation?

it will be a handy feature to have,

Many thanks in advance for this

I am going to be away on leave until the 14th July. I may be able to take a look on my return, any larger improvements to the CT report will likely take place later in the year as we have some other important projects were committed to.

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Hi Glenn, just wondering if you have had a chance to look into this?

Many thanks

Not yet but I doubt it will be a huge job and it’s certainly something that would be useful to see.

For now I’ve moved it into the short term planner so we should have that ready in 3-4 weeks.

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Hi Glenn

This is probably taking longer than anticipated… any idea yet when we could see this? :smile:


Admittedly we did start this but ran into a number of technical problems, mostly around calculating profit/loss brought forward. We will likely revisit this in the new year.