Show purchase reference in client statement

Continuing the discussion from Hide status ‘CONVERTED’ in client area (Implemented):

I’ll log this as a separate feature request. We won’t turn this on by default as I’m sure not everyone would want this, I’ll leave it open as a feature request and we shall review when we have time.

I plus one this request… But on the statement, I feel that even better is to have the first ‘item’ in the list field, or perhaps allow the. Next items in the same field separated by commas as some invoices have multiple items. Unfortunately you currently only show the first few words of description at the moment, and that may not explain what the invoices unpaid are for are. Eg an item should be Dell T310, and description could be, large case, 300gb ram, DVD drive etc which doesn’t give you the main item name. description usually describes the item so not that much use to show on statement, Basically statements are for making customers pay a bunch of unpaid invoices together, and this makes it easier for them to see what each one is for without clicking all individual invoices.

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This feature request seems to have been forgotten!

I was just reviewing “Company Settings” and came across in Advanced Settings > Experimental Client Statements which I have activated.

Also looked at Account Settings > System Design > Client Statement Customisation and also activated “Show client reference on statements”.

The importance of good communication with customers is the basis of a successful business. So let’s include the customers’ purchase reference; otherwise when sending a client statement the recipient has a document with references but not anything that is meaningful.

Another anomaly is when a payment received that is allocated to more than one invoice; such a payment is shown on the client statement but split and shows as more than one payment on the same date even though it was one payment!