Show red "OVERDUE" stamp on overdue invoices

The option to send a copy invoice to debtors is great - would it be possible to have ‘Overdue’ in big red letters added?

Can you provide a bit more detail please? Where exactly would you like to see this label applied?

Hi Glen,

In the credit control function of Quickfile, when you view the overdue invoices it says ‘Overdue’ in a large red banner at the top left hand corner. Would it be possible to send out copy (PDF) invoices that have ‘Overdue’ prominently displayed? It might help with debtor chasing!

If you go into the invoice customisation area and uncheck the following box you can get the status stamps to appear on the PDF invoice.

Will then show as follows on the PDF document (only for certain status types):

We could possibly extend this to show an [OVERDUE] stamp where applicable, would that work?

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the tip. Adding Overdue would be great. I read some research years ago about use of colour red on invoices were overdue - apparently it helps with getting paid. No idea if it works!

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I will see if we can include this as part of our next release (1-2 weeks).


@Yelekreb providing you have the invoice status stamps visible on the PDF as explained above, any overdue invoice will be marked as such on the PDF document with a red OVERDUE stamp.

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