Show supplier reference number on purchase management screen

When I have a query about a Purchase I need to look it up by the supplier’s reference. The reference generated by the system is of absolutely no use to me at all, so it would be extremely useful if the list of supplier invoices in a supplier’s control panel showed the supplier’s reference and not the system’s.

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Hi @PaulFarmer

You can show the reference by using the ‘Modify Columns’ button in the top right:

If you have a Power User Subscription (either optionally or by having a L or XL account), you could possible enable this automatically with a bit of javascript.

Hope that helps!

Yes indeed! That’s excellent. Is it possible to show it in the ‘Recent Purchases’ list of the Supplier Control Panel do you think?
Many thanks,

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It’s not possible at the moment. With changes like that we do like to see a bit of support from the community. I’d recommend creating a new topic in the ‘feature’ category, which would allow any other user to add their vote and comments too.

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I think this would be a great feature indeed - would help saving a lot of time by not having to open the attachment