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Show the client quote/estimate revisions

  1. Is there an automatic way of having the quotes/estimates that are needed to be requoted/revised, linking to the original, (rather that clicking copy, as this gives the quote a new number,) I would like to create a paper trail.
    For example #11111 if I need to do a requote it would give a quote number of #RQ/1/11111 And additional requotes would change the fist number by 1 IE #RQ/2/11111 #RQ/3/11111.

  2. This would help with customers who ask for the quote to be altered, seeing which quotes/requotes relate to each other, help us keep track of the quotes which have changed, and save us time.

I know that we could do this manually, but if there was an option to create a requote it would help keep paperwork tidy.


Hi @Simon_Stokes

There isn’t an exact way of doing this, but if you have a Power User Subscription we will keep a history of the estimate (and any sales invoices) for you, so you will still have a record of previous entries.

This wouldn’t be available to the client however.


Yes we have the power sub. As you have just pointed out it is more for the client. would this be something that you would consider implementing?


We can certainly consider this. I’ll move your thread to the #feature category for now for other users to add their vote and comments, and we can take a closer look if there’s enough interest.


Thumbs up for me on this one too, I have to revise many quotes or make variations to quotes, having many variations to quotes with separate quote numbers makes quote analysis inaccurate, i.e. I may have 20 Nr variations in a month which will suggest 20 Nr quotes when in reality there may be only 10 Nr quotes with variations, I realise I can change the quote number manually however the numbering sequence follows on from the previous quote which may have been a custom number to accommodate the quote variation - hope this makes sense?



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