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Show VAT payments without open banking

I have now synced my QuickFile account to HMRC, submitted my first VAT return and paid.
Although a journal has been created, no payment shows in banking for me to tag. I have not opted to use open banking and prefer not to. Am I able to mark the VAT return as paid another way?

It wouldn’t show in banking because it wouldn’t know if you had paid it or not, unless you either create your own transaction and tag it, or upload bank statements and tag those

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Thank you Paul, how do I create a transaction?

Hi @Maximus

You just need to go into your bank account on QuickFile and click to add a transaction:

This guide may help you: Tagging your bank transactions

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Thank you Beth, feel a little stupid now lol…

No problem :slight_smile:

Everyone has to start somewhere :slight_smile: happy to help

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