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Showing paid dates on the invoice

Hi I was collating some paid payments i have found it to be quite clunky because the "view all payments section on a client account gives you the payments which is great but i need to be able to see what those payments are for now it tells me which invoices it relates to but then i have to have the show all invoices section open to then look to see what the invoice was for. is it possible to give the option to display the invoice name or description on the “show all payments” report or have an option to show the paid date in the show all invoices report so that i only have to look at one report making it easier to collate and present

Hi @mathump3

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll certainly leave this open for other users to add their votes and comments.

If there’s enough interest from the community, we’ll take a closer look at this.

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I agree as i am just trying to double check everything and would be nice to see or have the option to change the fields so you can see DatePaid so you can check this off against Bank Statements and how it was paid

Hi @john.helyar

You can add your vote for this feature by clicking “Vote” at the top of the page.