Shutterstock VAT reverse charge

We recently bought a standard license from shutterstock. Because we are VAT registered, they don’t include any VAT on the invoice. Now shutterstock are invoicing me from the EU, so is this invoice liable for reverse charge VAT? I know some things are, but I can’t find any information anywhere to say whether their services are liable or not. Spent ages on live chat with them and they had no idea what I was talking about.

Any help would be most appreciated


If they’re EU based and they’ve removed the VAT on the basis of you providing a UK VAT number, then they have likely reverse charged the VAT. They are required to indicate this on their invoice, so if you can get a copy of their VAT invoice that should give you some indication.

Yeah i would of thought that too but they said their agent in Berlin says theres no VAT due anywhere. Which seems odd. Quite a few EU based companies don’t know or refrain from indicating this. Similar nightmare with paypal and ebay as they seem to know nothing when asked too.

I’m not sure if this is of any help, but I found this in their help section:

Also found this one:

I guess it comes down to where your transaction took place according to the invoice?

Note: I’m not an accountant