Single Client/Multiple accounts

We currently use Quickfile for a couple of sections within our Scout Group but are looking to expand to all. As part of this we will add a Group Account, through which we will invoice all membership fees and each section will then be used for activity and event invoices. Currently for my section, these invoices are all though the one account. Obviously we will need to set the client up for each account separately and I am assuming that they will then end up having to log into two accounts to see all their transactions with us. We’ve just signed up for Affinity to manage everything together…is there any way to combine the client logon so they see all the invoices, payments etc through the one portal even though they are through 2 different quickfile accounts?

Unfortunately there’s no way to link client accounts across multiple QuickFile accounts. I’m not sure if it’s a request we’ve had before but I will leave it open for others to comment or add their vote.

In the mean time your clients wouldn’t need to remember multiple sets of logins as any invoice sent would just route them in directly. It’s just that they would only be able to see invoices issued from that QuickFile account.

That’s what I thought you’d say. I guess whilst similar in many ways we operate a little differently to your normal customers! Thanks.