SMIELS - Inventory Application for QuickFile

Hi @Glenn :slightly_smiling_face:,

Introducing SMIELS - Simply your Business for QUICKFILE.

I hope you are doing well. we have created an Inventory Application for Accounting Softwares like quickfile. I have tried to reach you related to API Partner, but never got a reply. We have just launched a beta version of SMIELS. which you can access at I have also created Demo Accounts to Test it. Soon we are going to put a knowledge base. we have the following features available. you can link Quickfile using Settings in Smiels,


  1. Inventory Management
  2. Sale Management
  3. Purchase Management
  4. Sale Person Management.
  5. Associate Management.
    • Supplier Management
    • Client Management.
  6. Auto Suppliers and Clients Migration from quickfile.
  7. IMEI/Serial Number Tracking
  8. Each Product Can be Assigned to Multiple Sale Persons with Different Sale and Purchase Costs.
  9. Each Supplier or Client with their Invoices can be assigned to Multiple Sale Persons at one time.
  10. Auto-Create Sale and Purchase from SMIELS.

Some Attracting Features are:
Each Supplier, Client, Sale, or Purchase can be separately assigned to a different salesperson, and each sale person can view only their supplier or clients. they can Send Estimates, Invoices after Admin Approval.

Please contact at for more information. or click on Chat Icon on smiels.

NOTE*: we are trying our best to make it responsive on mobile. we also working on fixing and Improving SMIELS, we will be adding new features every week.

here are the demo Accounts if you like to explore more.

Password: Demo@1234

Password: $Demo@1234

Morning Sohaib,

Thank you for taking the time to build this integration.

I will drop you a private message to discuss our review and onboarding process.

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