SMTP Custom Settings

Hi there,

I am new to QuickFile and trying to set up my SMTP.

The reason why I am messaging, as I need to set up the connector to my Office365 account to perform the SMTP relay. Can anyone confirm the IP or FQDN that the mail would be sent from?

Will it be sent from (or do they have another sending domain to send to the SMTP server) or an IP address that it would come from.

If anyone knows the answer (I haven’t seen the answer within the KB).


Hi LeeThomasTech,
There is no specific IP for email from quickfile - the IP changes all the time.
Maybe the article(s) below are from any help to setup your smtp settings for your microsoft365 account. The first article is for google but work very similar to microsoft. The second one is for creating a app password which is necessary to connect a microsoft account with a 3rd party app.

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Thanks, I’ve updated the connector to allow from “” so just waiting for that to filter through the settings and will try again!

Thanks for the link for app passwords - I’m already familiar with that process anyway :slight_smile:

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