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SMTP emails with an unusal reply address - reoccurred

Continuing the discussion from SMTP emails with an unusal reply address:

I was updating the password on the SMTP settings today and sent a “TEST” email and the same problem occured as reported last April.

Instead of being sent from “From address” as saved in the SMTP settings the recipients email was showing;

|from:|Aber Tree Service mail@quickfile.co.uk
|reply-to:|reply-to ugfkodii_*QF-ACCOUNT-NUMBER*@post.quickfile.co.uk|
|date:|22 Mar 2021, 11:59|
|subject:|Aber Tree Service - Statement of Account TEST|
|Signed by:|quickfile.co.uk|

I have fixed the problem by deleting the SMTP settings and re-entering the details with a new activation code.

Categorised as “bug” as problem reoccurred…but SMTP re-tested and working correctly now.

Please update to “bug (solved)”.

Thanks @QFBeth for updating to “bug (solved)”.

I did a search for “ugfkodii” and seems to be something to do with email addresses issued by jooko.info

There maybe some security update that is required to avoid emails from SMTP being received with unknown reply addresses :cowboy_hat_face:

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