SMTP fail - has the IP address changed?

Hi Quickfile,

We have a SMTP connector setup with our office 365 for mail from Quickfile. Its allow via IP addresses/CDIR

This morning it failed. Have you guys changed IP addresses at your end. ?

This is what I had set.

Hi @danmills

This IP hasn’t actually been used by us for some time.

As it stands, we don’t have a fixed IP range as such due to the nature of the setup. Are you able to operate it without fixing it to an IP range?

yes it would need to be a block of up addresses. This is so office 365 will accept a connection from these servers. So I’ll imagine it will be the up addresses of your web servers. A range is fine if there is multiple addresses.

Hi @danmills

This isn’t something we’re able to provide I’m afraid.

We have other users using Office 365 as their SMTP provider on QuickFile, so you should be able to use it without.

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