SMTP login page query

Hello out there.
Im trying to load up my email on the smtp page as lots of emails seem to end up in the clients junk file.

I have an error that keeps coming up and I’m unsure how to get around it.
I have read the smtp pages to find out if I can solve directly myself but I’m afraid unsuccessfully.
The error code is
SMTP requires a secure connection. server response 5.7.57 client not authenticated to send mail. []

I’ve used my personal email account for the send activation email to and checked the starttls box.
Is there a genius in the house to point me in the correct direction?
all the best

Hi @drew4

This can relate to either an incorrect username/password, or a mismatch in the username and the “from” address.

Another thing that may cause this is 2 factor authentication. Is this enabled on your email account?

Thank you. I will try this tonight and see how it goes.

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Hi Mathew. I’ve just been into the SMTP settings page on QuickFile and there is a message asking to enter code to activate?? I’ve searched on QuickFile and can’t seem to find any mention of it and have searched through all my emails and also no activation code.
Is this something that you send or is it from Microsoft?
I thought I would ask before I click to change settings.

Hi @drew4

This is the code sent to the email address you enter (which isn’t the one used for SMTP). It’s used to verify that the SMTP set up is working.

Thanks for the info. I will set it up again then watch it like a hawk to see what happens.

Hi Mathew.
I think I’ve solved it. The confirmation email at the bottom was a hotmail address which is the same firm as outlook. After changing to my apple email I then received a activation email. So let’s hope this all goes to plan now.

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Ok that didn’t get to the final stage as I thought it would.
Your system first says my smtp has been changed to what I wanted. Then I tried testing by sending myself an email estimate. It then arrives from QuickFile email. Then follows after that an email stating the smtp has been cancelled due to trying to send things unsuccessfully. I know that the password is correct as I’ve recently logged into Microsoft Authenticator and out it in there.
Back to square one.

Just to confirm, are you using 2-factor authentication to log into your email account?

No just simple password. As it’s a right faff with the two system.

Hi @drew4

Just wanted to check in and see if you managed to resolve this?

No. Not working for me. I get the activation code which then generates an email response from your system stating that you’ve tried sending many times and then it resends with QuickFile email system.
Check Microsoft activity and it states it was fine but hit a wall now. So have given up. Unlike me, but wasting too much time on it.

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