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SMTP Server issue


Hi, we are experiencing issues setting up SMTP. Have been in contact with my hosting company who have asked for the details of the error. Have tried 2 settings based on the attached images. Please help.


The timeout issue you see there is usually down to one of the following:

  • Incorrect port number
  • Incorrect host name
  • Host SMTP server is blocking incoming connections.

Usually your email provider will be better placed to identify the exact issue, as they should know exactly what port and host name configuration to use. Have they been able to comment on this yet? Who is that provide your email hosting?

PS: I’ve removed your images as there’s a lot of sensitive info on there.


Thanks, Krystal supply the hosting. I’ve spoken with them and they tell me settings are correct. Really need to get this sorted swiftly.

When I logged in today I had the following

I have checked emails including junk but have nothing??


We just make a standard SMTP connection based on the information you provide here. If it’s timing out it means that one of the settings is incorrect, or your host are blocking the connection.

Just looking at some other users connecting to krystal, the ones that are working are on port 587 not 465 which you have setup at the moment.


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