SMTP setting failing to connect to SMTP server

I needed to update the SMTP setting that were working before with a new username but now I can’t get it to work and all I get is the following errors. I’ve tried port 26 as our provider blocks port 25, Port 465 and port 587 and with and without the tick in Use secure connection (STARTTLS) :

Error removed

Any ideas?

Hi @ultraview

I removed the error just to be sure that nothing of any importance is shown in public. I have however made a note of it and referred this to our development team as you shouldn’t be seeing a full error message like that.

It does appear that the server returned this message:

A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond

This can be due to incorrect settings (incorrect server, username, password etc.), or even that our server is being blocked.

Do you mind me asking what email provider you are using, and perhaps we can suggest some way to get this working for you?

Thanks Mathew for the response.
I’ve double checked the information I put in the settings and all are correct. I wanted to just change just the email address and password.
This works if I use their webmail system, so I know the username and password are correct.
Before I made the change it was working.
My hosting is and their server info is:
Port: 587 (They say use 465 but that originally failed)
Host Name:
password: xxxxxx

send activation to

What are your IP address and I’ll check with then to see if your IPs are blocked


I just managed to send a test email via your custom SMTP credentials, although your SMTP host is taking a very long time to respond. We have a timeout limit of around 15 seconds on our live mailer, if your server exceeds this limit the mailer will likely disable your SMTP credentials.

Are you able to check with your host to see if they are experiencing any issues at the moment?

I haven’t used that hosting outfit for a while but the main reason I switched all of my accounts away from them was because their email was terrible. They used to have some ridiculously low amount of connection attempts before the account got locked out and it was generally unreliable.

This may have changed but I would suggest having a word with them as I frequently had to get them to unblock/whitelist IP addresses and unlock accounts.

I’ve spoken to Webhosting and they are saying there is nothing wrong.
I’ll chase them again and try and push a solution.

After speaking with Webhosting support, who tried many options but we couldn’t get it to work.
I tried a few different setting and then found that when I added the email address, I want to use, to spam experts managed user option then in the SMTP server option used the spamexperts SMTP name it all started to work.
Thanks for the help

Thanks for the update - glad to hear you managed to get this working :slight_smile:

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