SMTP Settings Issue

Good Morning,

In the last couple of weeks our smtp settings keep dropping out and we have to reactivate.

The email address used has no apparent issues

Hi @paulshiner

Sorry to hear you’re having some issues with your SMTP settings. It should show a reason that it’s being deactivated which hopefully helps.

What type of email provider are you using? E.g. is it one such as Google or Outlook, or more specific like your own domain name? If it’s the latter, do you know how this was set up (e.g. was it done through software such as cPanel)?

Hi Matthew

Thanks for coming back.

We use stackmail as our server

I first set this email up on QF in around September and we haven’t had any issues until the last few weeks

We have been unable to send a number of items through your own custom SMTP email server. The last 3 consecutive attempts failed. The error recorded is as follows:

Email: Redacted Error: One or more errors occurred. → Failed to send mail 12768016 via SMTP host ‘’. Reference: ‘6131478650’; SenderEmail: ‘Redacted’; Recipients: ‘Redacted’; Num. Attachments: ‘0’. → The operation has timed out.

Please return to the SMTP settings page on your QuickFile account (Account Settings Area). If you have recently changed your email password or any other credentials please update and reactivate your SMTP services accordingly.

Can I just check what settings you have for Stack Mail, please? For example, what server name, port number and SSL settings, do you have?

For reference, we have a test account which uses these details, which seems to work all OK. May be worth trying these if you’re not already using them:

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