SMTP settings not sticking


Not sure if this is a bug, or should be in support (feel free to move it)…

When I go into SMTP settings, it shows with a red banner saying SMTP settings deactivated due to consecutive errors.

“Mailbox unavailable” - the mailboxes are hosted on my server, and I made a typo setting up a client (I set his mail address to dave@… when it should have been david@…)

Now, all emails from Quickfile fail SPF as i have “-all” set…

I have tried to re-activate it, by putting my email address in, getting an activation code, entering it, etc.

It tells me that it’s active, and that all emails will be routed via my server, however they are not… and when i go back into SMTP settings, it shows as disabled again.

I would prefer it if Quickfile sent me an email saying “we were unable to send an email to via your server for xyzzy reason”, but leave the setting active. (maybe a tick box, saying ignore errors, etc.)

Could someone have a look, and re-activate my SMTP settings?



Hi Richard,

I’m happy to have a look for you if you wish, but I won’t promise miracles!

I’ll send you an invite shortly.

Re-reading your post, I’m not sure I’ll be able to help here if I’m honest (feel free to ignore the request email), as I don’t have any access to error logs, only what you see (when permitted via the invite).

@Glenn should be able to come back to you regarding the email when it fails, and may be able to help further.

However, I’m still happy to have a look at your settings if you wish and check what I can

An incorrect client address doesn’t usually cause an SMTP failure, but it could well do if that client has their email hosted on the same server as yours.

We tend to favour killing any rogue SMTP integrations, as in certain cases they can really backup the mail queue. This is a bit of an unusual case as the sender and recipient emails appear to be located on the same box.

If we deactivate any custom SMTP credentials it will fallback to using our server, so the mails should still get through. I though we sent an email to advice if this happens, will need to check that.

Thanks Glenn.

Yeah, sender and recipient are located on the same server in this case…

I have SPF record set to “-all”, so when your server sends them, they’ll fail for some destinations anyway. I guess I could include your SPF records to help alleviate the problem when using your server to send.

Is it possible there’s a message stuck in the queue causing it to keep failing as soon as I re-activate the settings?

I also want to send via my server so they can be DKIM signed on the way out.

SPF checks are performed further down the line so wouldn’t be relevant in this case. The failure here occurred at the SMTP level, so when we tried to connect to your server to send the message it already knows that the recipient’s email is hosted on the same server and performs a lookup on the user table to see if it exists.

Rather than sending the email to an address it is 100% certain doesn’t exist, it sends back a failure notification there and then. We don’t pick apart all the different SMTP failure modes so we just assume there’s an issue with your SMTP settings and cautiously disable them after several consecutive fails.

SPF would only become relevant if the email was successfully sent, then the SPF lookup is performed by the recipient’s email server to see if that sender is permitted. If you’re sending mail through your own server you shouldn’t need to reference QuickFile SPF at all, you would only do that if you were allowing QF to send mail from your address but using our server.

Hope that makes sense!

I didn’t see any failure reports today but I have asked someone to look at the logs. Did you try reactivating today?

I know SPF is further down the line, the problem with SPF is that when quickfile disables my server settings, it falls back to sending from your servers, which aren’t allowed by my SPF…

I’ve just tried to re-activate the settings, it says it’s now active in a green box at the top, but if i go via the menus again, 3rd party integration, SMTP settings. I get a red box at the the top saying it’s been deactivated.

Not sure if this is just a display error, and they are active, or if they are actually disabled.

Just done a quick test, and they are going via my server now, but still shows as disabled in quickfile, so I guess it’s just a display issue.

Yes I have checked and QF has remained connected to your SMTP service, so I guess you’re right it may just carry on showing the last error. This is confusing so we’ll see about getting that cleared.