Snail mail item declined

I would like to start using snail mail to send some invoices and tried a test last week. It was submitted on 16th Jan for invoice INVOICE: #000282. Unfortunately it was declined in snail mail manager due to a problem with the address.

I’m guessing this is because of our customised invoice template. However, when I submitted the snail mail the system warned me of an issue as the address wasn’t in the red box. I then changed the template to the original/classic one so that the address was in the red box and submitted the invoice for posting.

Then, I switched the template back to what it should be for future electronic transmission and I’m guessing that switching it back broke it.

Does this mean that to use snail mail we have to stick with the classic template, at least until the snail mail item is marked dispatched?

Is there no way of us defining another location for the little red box?



The snail mail system grabs the invoice at a later point in time not when it has been submitted for processing. There could be a 15 min gap in between. It’s definitely better to avoid switching templates within this period.

This is not possible, the red box position correlates exactly with the window on the DL envelope that iMail use to dispatch the mail.

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