Snail mail problem

Were there any problems with snail mail in December, just before Christmas?

I had an invoice due to go on 20/12/15 which reported:
Invoice #2027 failed to send by post: Object reference not set to an instance of an object…
I resubmitted it and it appeared to go, but the client has not received it. (He is a regular client and has no reason to lie!). Another sent on 16/12/15 has also apparently not arrived.

Any thoughts?

Yes I’m afraid iMail (Part of UK Mail) did encounter some issues early December (see here for more details).

We were informed by iMail that those items would still have been dispatched but their server was returning an incorrect response. When we received the error response from iMail we would have automatically re-credited the fee.

This problem stemmed from a server update that was going on at iMail at the time. I am sorry for the inconvenience it has caused I am still waiting for a full report from iMail as to the scope of the problem. We were informed that any items with this response would have been dispatched as normal, although if there are cases where you believe this didn’t happen we will take this up with iMail.

Many thanks Glenn. My posted invoice volume is very small, so I have worked around it. Hopefully all is back to normal going forward.

Great software!

To clarify - the invoice which failed on 20/12 and was resent on 22/12 had not arrived on 7/1/16.
The one which appeared to have gone successfully on 16/12 had not arrived on 6/1/16.

I’ve sent you a separate private message regarding this.

Perfect. Thank you.

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